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Convert from lbs.per 24 hours to RH%

Is the a chart or a formula that would convert lbs. per 24 hrs to RH%?
It seems that there are still some flooring products that specify lbs/24 hours rather than RH%.



not that i've found. it would make my life a whole lot easier if there was one. i have had to call my adhesive mfg to get their RH specs because they hadn't updated their manuals. good luck.

There is no correlation between RH and emission.

I can create a slab with a 2lb MVER and 98% RH, and I can create a slab with 8lbs MVER and 50% RH. And believe me, I've seen both of these extremes and repaired both of them!

The MVER is readily affected by external conditions. Think of a drywaller spilling water on the floor of a very dry old slab. MVER will shoot through the roof, while RH will be unaffected.

Now consider a slab with a blotter under it, or no vapor retarder. It may show great MVER, especially if it is unfinished in a dry building, yet the RH could be 90% or more. If you put a moisture sensitive floor over this slab, you will have problems even though you had great CaCl tests.
JD Grafton
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