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Congratulations! Rubensgt40 is now a Concrete Moisture Enthusiast!

Good onya Pat, you now have a new title of Concrete Moisture Enthusiast. We appreciate your valuable contribution to our Concrete Moisture Measurement forum and look forward to your upcoming posts between now and the next level. Smile

All the best,

Congratulations Pat!!!

I always enjoy your posts where you agree with me. Tongue

And I like how you spell things differently over there. Wink
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]

I'm keeping an eye on that guy. He gets around town. Cool
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

Why thanks everybody! I feel like I'm receiving an Oscar. Stephen, should I watch my back... Dodgy

It's nice to belong. I tried explaining my new found enthusiasm for concrete moisture to my wife, and she went to sleep within 90 seconds. So, you might say it has achieved far more than I imagined Tongue

JD, a quick guide for you on spelling down under:

Vapor= Vapour
Honor= Honour

The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher


Bogan?? Hey that's cool Pat!

As long as this is a thread devoted to you, can you clear up some of our bogan perceptions of those who live in the land of parrots.....

Do you really cook a lot of shrimp on the grill?
Do you call a grill a 'barbie'?
Do you ever get to see wild kangaroos?
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]

Quote:Do you really cook a lot of shrimp on the grill?

Hardly ever, and I don't know anyone who actually does. And I know a lot of people.

A similar myth is that we all drink Fosters beer. We don't. It is simply the worst beer in the whole world.

Quote:Do you call a grill a 'barbie'?

You don't??

Quote:Do you ever get to see wild kangaroos?

Normally someone from overseas asks "do you really have kangaroos jumping through your back yard?" and we chuckle at the cute, naive stereotype. As it happens though, I live in a rural town, and I have a mate two blocks away who actually does have kangaroos jumping through his back yard. There's a national park nearby, dozens of 'em come out to graze at dusk. Those ones are wild, but at the more touristed parks, they'll come up and fight you for your bagel.

We might sound casual but we love our roos. They are unique, beautiful, exotic and sometimes fearsome creatures. And they go great with mashed potatoes Big Grin

[Image: November152011.jpg]

[Image: kangaroo-kick.gif]
The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher


I knew you wouldn't drink Foster's. I've had that also and was NOT impressed. Tongue

We don't have kangaroos here except in zoos. They look all cute and cuddly until they get mad! And they have claws too... I wouldn't mess with one.

The one thing I wish we did over here is call our friends 'Mate'. We use the term 'buddy'. It gets old.... And you know a 'bloke' that did such and such, we just know a 'guy'. Really lame.

When you call a mate, do you kid around on the phone and say something like, "hey dirtbag, what are you up to?" We do that here, guys call each other terrible names in jest. Girls never do it, just guys.

We also call a lot of things by their inventor or major producer, such as facial tissues are called Kleenex. "Do you have a Kleenex?"

Lip Balm is commonly called 'Chapstick'.

Clear tape is called 'Scotch Tape'.

Bandages are "Band Aids'.

Ear swabs are 'Q-Tips'.

All gelatin is called 'Jell-O'.

All sticky notes are 'Post Its'.
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]

That animation (probably staged) resembled an incident which recently happened on a station (ranch): A roo was drinking at a waterhole, and a sheepdog started barking at it. The roo stomped its head underwater and would have drowned the poor doggie had the farmer not intervened! So they obviously like their waterholes.

Aborigines say the Big Reds up north have been known to disembowel people. Quite plausible- that claw on their hind leg looks like one of Speilberg's velociraptor blades..!

The word "mate" is quite versatile. It can even be used as a mild expletive "Maaate...did ya see that stack? (car wreck)". Yes, we call complete strangers "mate", but I believe you do the same with the word buddy.

"Bloke" has been around forever. But, contrary to popular belief and the claims of Linda Kozlowski, we do not call women "sheilas". Not any more. We call them chicks just like everyone else Blush

Ditto on being overly-familiar with our mates. Shocking names, I use some of which I am not proud...

Same with that brand name thing- it proves that some things are very well marketed. In fact, I didn't even know Band-Aid was a brand!! Ditto on Post-its. Perhaps we do the same with food? My kids think every meat is chicken...Big Grin

The problem with socialism is that you soon run out of other people's money.
- Margaret Thatcher


Do you guys still talk about drop bears? or is that way dead? I did a year of uni in Oz and a few blokes told me tales about drop bears once they found out i was a Yank...

Too bad for them, i had read up on drop bears before i left the states.

Heidi R. Nelson
Wagner Meters

Cool!! Heidi got her own user name!!! Big Grin
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]

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