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Concrete Cork Sandwich Floor System

We intend to use the RapidRH system to measure the RH in an existing interior slab on grade that has been stained and sealed. Are there any issues with using the RapidRH system in a floor that has already been sealed?

In addition we would like to use the sensors to measure the RH in an existing interior slab on grade of unknown thickness. We do know that the construction of the slab on grade consists of a base layer of concrete directly on grade (thickness unknown) with no vapor barrier, a layer of cork (thickness unknown), and a topping layer of finished concrete stained and sealed (thickness unknown). Any recommendations for use in this floor system?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome JKJeremy! Pull up a chair.

The beauty of the in-situ RH probe system is that it's not bothered by topical treatments. The whole science behind RH at-depth is that it is only interested in the humidity deep within the slab.

However, when you say "stained and sealed", what with? If you sink RH probes and find high RH% and are planning some additional flooring installation, the existing sealants will need to be shot blasted off and a proper epoxy solids moisture mitigation system applied. Whatever the floor is sealed with currently may be impeding the ability of the slab to dry.

Your concrete cork sandwich sounds interesting. But if there's no vapour barrier underneath the first pour of concrete, then there's nothing stopping ongoing invasion of moisture from beneath. As JD will say when he eventually shows up here Smile "The slab has already failed a moisture test".

The standards can't really be interpreted for a two-part slab like that. You have to know the depth of the slab area to receive flooring, and test to 40%. That one has got me buggered.
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And cork does adsorb moisture too. So that was a bad idea to make a cork sandwich.
Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

Never heard of such a configuration. Cork will definitely get saturated over time and release moisture to the surface, so I would love to know what purpose it serves inside of a slab on grade and how it's specifiedHuh
JK Nixon
Concrete Restoration Services, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA

JKJeremy where are you?

I am looking at a similar structure but there isn't any cork involved. Our ICRI tester did test with Rapid RH though.

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