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Certified Testing Results

(08-25-2010, 05:03 PM)Ernesto Wrote:  Hedenblad, Göran, Drying of Construction Water in Concrete-Drying Times and Moisture Measurement, LT229, Swedish
Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1997, 54 pages.

Howard Kanare quotes from this extensively in his AIA presentation. Also shows from the same school, a computer program that while in Sweedish that helps with concrete dry times and mix designs.

I believe that Kanare holds the patents for RapidRH

Interesting dilema!
Once years ago I argued with a colleague that the term 'terminal velocity' is often misunderstood, and I stated that an object could in fact leave the earth and break free of gravitational pull moving as slowly as a snail. This resulted in much guffawing and even some people I thought of as quite wise could not see my point and argued that I must be wrong.

To make a long story a tad shorter and to correlate to your own issue, I sought the help of one of NASA's astrophysicists who was a real trooper and explained to us that yes indeed I am correct and then eloquently proved my point for me. Of course after this super-brain said I was right, well there was no more doubt. That upset me again! This man said the same things I did, but he was believed immediately while I was laughed at.

What reminded me of this episode is the fact that you KNOW what you are doing, yet others are slow to believe in it because you do not have the accreditation that greases the wheels of acceptance.

I will tell you what the rocket scientist told me: The facts are what they are, and the number of degrees someone has doesn't change that. Believe what is right and continue to follow what you know. Others will just have to catch up. Smile
JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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