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Certified Testing Results

This thread is in regards to who is doing the testing of a concrete slab, their qualifications, and their relationship with the parties involved.
IF you choose to test a slab yourself please have a member of your company certified as a flooring inspector. This shows that the individual doing the testing has been trained in the current processes and should know what he is doing.
Hiring an Independent Inspection Firm will free you from liability issues should the concern of biased or unreliable test results arise.
At the very least make sure at least one of your crew has been trained by a recognised certification org and their certs are up to date.
If thats not an option there are many flooring inspectors looking for work right now.
I am a member of these two boards but cannot endorse them.
I can however recommend the individuals listed as the highest qualified flooring inspectors you will find anywhere in the USA.
NICFI - http://www.nicfi.org/
FCITS -www.fcits.org
Another good place to look for certified inspectors is: http://www.floorreports.com

I am not posting this msg to promote any of these sites but offering info to those in need of independent inspection services in their area.

I believe in third party testing unless it is my job. lol

If properly documented there is no way anyone can wiggle out or claim it was improperly done. Plus I watched the video and am not certified. Big Grin

I am the only independent tester in New Zealand (Southern Hemisphere) and would love to be certified, unfortunately as I am the only one there is no one to certify me. I have written to two USA organisation to see if they do correspondence courses etc however with no responce. Can anyone help me find a way to get a accreditation in this field. I have 20yrs experience in the flooring trade......and I'm hold qualifications in other aspects but can't get qualified in the field of my choice. Any suggestions?

Then you will need to get certifiied here in the U.S. or by the Brits or Aussie's perhaps. Which one would hold more weight over there?

Probably Aussie but haven't found anyone over there yet? Do you know of anyone?

Yes I do........................ http://www.icri.org/Certification/CertificationInfo.asp
Wesley, sounds like an infomercial to me. You can't be serious. Are you hoping to promote yourself here?Rolleyes

Big Grin 
LOL, promote yourself all you can Earnesto. I would love to hop on a plane and educate myself in the US however our Flooring Standards are still in the dark ages so you do things differently over there.

Here in little NZ our standards stipulate we use surface mounted hair hygrometers to measure vapor emmissions. I use both the surface mounted and MMS Protimeter in-situ methods however I have ambitions to bring new technology to NZ.

Thanks for your suggestion Earnesto but as Aussie has the same standards I think it best to find a certification over there.

FYIfloors, I do promote myself, but stop at fly-by-night operations who let carpet cleaners and house wives go out and do inspections and testing that have never installed a floor in their life.

Sorry bout the politics but way to many installers and nice people have been dealt a bad hand from soome of those organizations.

I've read about those surface hygrometers. Why not take a step up and just start doing the Rapid Rh. Make them squeal a bit. Use the science behind it to disqualify others results.

I would love to use the Rapid RH system here it looks to be very effective and time saving however this form of testing is not recognized here and I have many discussions on-site with clients asking me to interpret the in-situ results and how they pertain to our NZ standards this is why I am striving to become the first certified inspector in our fair land. If only I could find a superior qualification I could do by correspondence. Very Frustrating!!!

I would love to know more of the science behind in-situ testing and the rapid RH system any suggestions or contacts would be much appriciated.

Many Thanks

Just about everyone quotes him in their trade magazine articles, Wagner worked with him to develop the rapid rh. If youc an find a copy of his book you will be truly enlightened. I happen to have one a very nice person sent me several years ago.

Hedenblad, Göran, Drying of Construction Water in Concrete-Drying Times and Moisture Measurement, LT229, Swedish
Council for Building Research, Stockholm, 1997, 54 pages.

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