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Carts / shifter or otherwise
10-19-2011, 03:35 PM
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RE: Carts / shifter or otherwise
That's more like it JD! As much as I love the 250 beasts, in the "slower" classes of karts, the racing is better. 5 wide around corners and massive drafting games.

Sprint kart guys would laugh at us because they reckon we just sat there, screaming down long straights for hours before reaching a corner. Then some of them tried road racing... and they were hooked. Even on a wide track, when you reach corners at those speeds, things get very narrow.

I gotta say, Americans are stereotyped worldwide as NASCAR Oval junkies, yet you have the best road race tracks in the world- real old school stuff. RA, Road Atlanta, Laguna, VIR, Infineon, these are awesome tracks. Plus you race anything, anywhere. Here, we are nannied by a bunch of hi-viz wearing insurance beauracrats. Dan Wheldon's death reminds us that safety is important, but not at the expense of genuine challenge.

That said, the jet-kart, well, that's kinda insane...

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