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Carbide moisture testing

Using a test that is so expensive to do that it is never used is almost the same as chicken feathers.

The point is the specification, to put such a test on div 9 is absurd. It is bad enough I am loosing work by almost the exact cost of my Wagner meters because the cheap sob's just throw a kit on the floor.

If you were to compound it with a new "carbonate" test it would further break the system. Bad enough that I have to talk to structural engineers who don't know what RH is, I talk to concrete contractors who don't know what RH is, the only people who know about RH in my part of California are flooring people and most choose to not use it to guarantee they have lower bid prices. If I had to do a Carbonate test my bids would only go higher.

And don't fool yourself into thinking you can add a 'carbonate' test without the flooring mfg's still listing #/% numbers. Manufacturers would love to add a 3rd test it gives them another out on claims.


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