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Carbide moisture testing
09-18-2012, 11:01 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2012 11:06 AM by eaadams.)
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RE: Carbide moisture testing
They don't test for color.
- color is used as a basis of examination though, burned slabs and dusty slabs have distinct colors.

They don't test for compressive strength.
- they do require compressive PSI tests.

They don't measure the thickness.
- I think they do in that we look at slab construction for floor recess, curling issues, joint spacing & other joint issues.

I'd like to add a 4th question:

4. What is the cost and who carries the burden.

I add this because one of the largest issues with getting GC's to use RH testing is the cost. They have all been doing CaCl testing for years by 'throwing a test kit on the floor'. While doing it wrong it is still cheap. Carbide testing sounds expensive to me and as such should be the sole purview of the PE doing the owner's testing. To put this burden on flooring or mitigation people will only cause the same issue we have had with CaCl. CaCl is not done because it is correct but because it is cheap (and even cheaper to do wrong). You will never get good acceptance of Carbide testing if the burden falls to the GC's or subs because flooring manufacturers will have to keep allowing CaCl and RH testing (since everyone uses those now) and the GC will always choose the low bid, cheap way to do something.

Wood Flooring Reference to Carbide Testing:
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