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Calcium Carbide testing and Silicates

Use a proper vapor retarder directly under the slab (no blotter layer).
Pour a well graded concrete mix (high strength /less cement).
Limit the amount of water not just W/C ratio (you can limit cement also).
Finish the concrete so it is left porous and breathes. (I have begun to add to my specs's - "perform a single steel pass to create a smooth finish, do not over finish concrete." )
Cure the concrete with water for 3 days only.
Eliminate re-wetting.
Promote drying with airflow and low humidity.
Test the slab using Wagner Rapid RH probes.
Glue directly to the concrete and enjoy.

What would you add to this to limit curling? I know it isn't moisture but a big part of my issues with getting properly done slab on vapor membrane is limiting curling.

Side note: "evil flooring spirits" gave me a great chuckle. I didn't realize I had been missing out on such a good thread.

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