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Calcium Carbide testing and Silicates
09-19-2012, 06:40 AM
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RE: Calcium Carbide testing and Silicates
Talk about a manufacturers smoke screen.
The silicate manufacturer is attempting to use this european testing practice since the flooring material was manufactured in Europe and they publish 2% as acceptable.
This job is only 1500 sf and the silicate manufacture wont step up to the plate. This should be fair warning for any clients that are contemplating using this questionable technology.

The flooring material was installed over crumb rubber using a 1/16 x 1/16 x1/16 sq. notch. The flooring material has swelled (due to moisture) and adhesive application was not uniform which caused the bubbles to occur where not enough adhesive was applied. Some areas were bonded with tenacity while other experienced bubbling. I tried to explain to the client that it was a combination of things (moisture and inconsistent adhesive application) that caused this failure, but seeing that the GC hired the flooring contractor whom he has had a long relationship with and that he recommended the silicate) he is defending the flooring contractor and the use of the silicate."why am i not surprised"

As far as the testing goes, had to tell them a few times that we were in the USA and 2170 and 1869 applied but they don't want to hear it.

The question remains... Does the application of applying a topical silicate void the Calcium Carbide test? Does it alter the test results?
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