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CCR is now a Concrete Moisture Tutor. Congratulations!
07-19-2012, 08:02 PM
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RE: CCR is now a Concrete Moisture Tutor. Congratulations!
Mmmmmmm... St Pauli Girl SPecial Dark..... Cool

Now that this has become a beer topic......

I was working in northern Wisconsin this week and stopped by a tavern for a quick nightcap. We had worked until 11pm (we never miss a deadline! Big Grin ) and I offered to buy the boys a couple.

There was a cowboy from Arizona in the tavern (hat, boots and hubcap belt buckle) and I ordered a BudLight. The barkeep brought it and I drank it in two gulps. I ordered another. The cowboy said "You must be thirsty!" I said maybe a little... Then I downed the next in two gulps. His eyes were kind of big now as I got my third and drank it right down too. I ordered a fourth. The cowboy couldn't believe it when I drank that. My foreman told him "You should see when he's REALLY thirsty!"

Then the cowboy challenged me to a drinking contest. I said I had no interest in anything of the sort, I just don't do that anymore. I was just having a few beers before I hit the sack.

I've always drank a lot of liquids, four glasses of milk at supper, four quarts of Gatorade (the G2 low cal or Crystal light is good) while watching a movie. I just drink a lot of fluids. Besides, 8 beers is only 3 quarts, and they were diet beers..... Wink

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems
[email protected]
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