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Bad Easy Reader?

I will echo Jason's statement. The reader itself can influence the probe by transferring thermal energy to the probe. So if you have the reader in a hot vehicle or a warm pants pocket, the reader could be between 85 and 100 degrees, while the probe is in the slab at around 68 degrees. Leaving the mass of the reader in contact with the probe can cause the temperature of the probe to rise a tiny amount which will affect the RH reading you see. Always use the first reading you get from the probe.

The same phenomenon can happen placing a cold reader in the sensor which would cause the RH to read a bit higher if left in for an extended amount of time.

As far as the other RH readings done by others, you would need to analyze how their testing was done. Were they using Wagner Rapid RH? Where they using re-useable probes? Were those probes checked for calibration? Were they allowed to acclimate? Were their holes drilled properly?

Bottom line: The Wagner Rapid RH is NIST certified and extremely accurate when installed correctly. If you need to defend your position please let us know. We have found many ways these other probes can give improper readings. Wink
JD Grafton
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