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Bad Easy Reader?


You have multiple questions/things I would like to comment on here. I will try to take them in order:

Quote:I've recently purchased a RapidRH 4.0 Easy Reader and sensors.

THANK YOU for the purchase. Used appropriately, you will find it to be a very valuable tool.

Quote:The contractor had the vct contractor perform some relative humidity tests in the same area that my tests are in. He is getting readings in the mid 80's.

The best thing I can do is put a link from our website to help you understand this. The ASTM standard will soon make more of the different manufacturer's products/readings more uniform. http://www.wagnermeters.com/pdf/Accuracy_of_the_Rapid_RH.pdf

Quote:I went back to the site today and took readings again. I put the easy reader in the sensor, pulled it out and it read 99%. I waited about 10 - 15 seconds and did it again in the same sensor. It jumped down to 96%, repeated and then I got a 95%.

There is NO problem with your reader. YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE FIRST READING YOU GET. All things being equal, temp. and RH% are inversely related. In other words, when you increase temp you decrease RH%. When you insert the reader over and over, you can create a small amount of heat between the contacts on the reader and the sensor plate. This increase in temp will potentially artificially decrease the RH% reading.


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