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Ardex promotes the Wagner Rapid RH probe!

(12-20-2011, 02:43 PM)Rubensgt40 Wrote:  Ah -HAH! Sprung, JD. We all know you're just a corporate stooge with a vested interest in promoting RH and particularly Wagner!

We scoff at your 27+ years of experience in the field of MS flooring and troubleshooting! Fess up, how much are Wagner, Ardex, Exxon Mobil and Sonoco paying you!!? Big Grin

Off topic slightly- do Koster and Ardex require training and accreditation for applying their mitigation systems? I was looking for some Koster products down under but could only find an agent selling general waterproofing stuff, not the flooring moisture vap systems.

Pat, truly you are a breath of fresh air.... Tongue

Ardex will sell to anyone. Shameless profiteers they are... Wink However without training prior to installations they will not issue a warranty beyond their one year product warranty.

Koster will not sell to you unless you are a certified Koster rep. I don't know about the OZ market, but I would think they need an entire support network set up before they begin selling a product like VAP-2000.

Either 'certification' involves copious amounts of drinking and long mornings of keeping a pseudo interested look on your mug while trying to decide if your hung-over body is ever going to be the same. Anyone can be certified. Of the two, I would say Koster has a more comprehensive certification with an actual test and much more in depth training. Neither programs are anywhere near enough knowledge to be more than a basic product installer.

As far as being paid, well I kind of am. I got an Ardex t-shirt last week. And my sales rep is very very good to me. He never lets me buy lunch. Koster is the same way, they love their promoters. And Wagner? I can't say on their own blog, but they have been extremely generous with anything I have ever needed. Do you know you can call and talk to Ed Wagner directly? I had a question once and the nice receptionist said she'd get me someone who could answer it for me and the next thing I heard is, "Hello, Ed Wagner here." Wow, talk about taking it to the top! But honestly at Wagner you get good people no matter who you talk to. I think Ed and Eric do their homework before they bring someone into the company.

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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