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Anybody here live near Vail, CO?

I just booked a trip to the Vail area in March to do a little skiing...
Downhill of course, that uphill skiing is killer. Tongue

I'm going this year with a couple of cops (cops always party the most) and a great client. I'm hoping I can keep up on the slopes. Last year I skied one day and had to lay in bed crying the entire next day because my legs were shot. This year that is not an option because I would look like such a wuss.... So I have to get working out on the leg machine and prepare for the thin air at altitude.

If anyone is in the resort area out there let's meet for dinner and drinks!
JD Grafton
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Anybody here live near Vail, CO? - CC Solutions - 09-14-2011, 07:43 AM

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