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Amazing Concrete Moisture Solution!

Scott writes:

"When tested using ASTM E96, concrete slabs that contain integral silicate admixtures or topical silicate treatments result in no measurable decrease in water vapor transmission when compared to equivalent slabs without the silicate. In addition, the reaction product is not hydrophobic, so it is not an effective water repellent. Without supporting test data, the use of reactive penetrants as an integral or topical moisture vapor mitigation should only be attempted when the risk of a floor covering failure is acceptable."

I wish he would have given us a reference to the exact studies conducted so we could gather the actual data. This once again blows the doors off admixes that claim to function as viable vapor retarders but then require us to use soil testing ASTM standards to measure their effectiveness!!

In my own study conducted on a single slab I used an admix claiming to act as a vapor retarder on one half of the building and the other half was a standard concrete mix with fly ash added.

CaCl testing showed the admix side emitted a higher vapor quantity than the standard concrete side, and I was told then that I couldn't measure the effectiveness of the admix using old testing methods! I asked the admix rep which testing standard did he have that would be acceptable to the adhesive and flooring manufacturer?? Of course he had none then (this was about 10 years ago) and the admix industry has yet to come up with a standard that shows their product works, and is accepted by industry experts. Wink

I will echo what Scott said in my own words:

Admixes work great as a vapor retarder if you really don't need a vapor retarder.

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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