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Amazing Concrete Moisture Solution!

And THIS is the major problem I have with the snake-oil salesmen and their miracle products.

They tell you the product is NEW and REVOLUTIONARY and CUTTING-EDGE and in fact it is SO new that you can't test it using 2170 or 1869....

Only the manufacturer can test it in their lab, using an unrelated soils test incorporating columns of water pushing against a full thickness slab, seeing of water oozes through the concrete.

We all know concrete is water proof. It is far from vapor-proof and even farther from being cured and low enough in alkalinity for successful flooring installation.

They trumpet the successful installations (that would have worked whether the snake-oil was in the concrete or not) and blame the failures on the installer, the ambient conditions, the moon phase, whatever.

Ask the flooring adhesive manufacturer if they warrant their adhesive using the magic powder and the testing procedures set forth by the miracle product company.

Ask the patch manufacturer the same question.

Diet pill manufacturers do a fabulous business using the same sales technique. Remember the Tornado airflow direction stabilizer that you put in your car intake to improve milage? Same scam. Fuel milage booster pills?

Buyer beware. Sad

JD Grafton
Concrete Answers for Flooring Problems

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