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Adhesive/Vapor Retarding Membranes.
03-31-2012, 08:20 PM
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RE: Adhesive/Vapor Retarding Membranes.
Here is a better sheet:

Wood is interesting. It isn't as problematic as vinyl or rubber and note that this product can't be used with vinyl or rubber. Wood can take some vapor and pass it on, like VAT. Mapei has a similar wood adhesive. But you can't use these adhesives on vinyls due to plasticizer migration.

There are great adhesives out there but if you get a failure the adhesive company, when you get down to brass tacks, you have to read the warranty which can be found here:

You can't copy/paste from those waranties... they are locked. But I think it just says that you get Bostik product for Bostic failures.

Tell you what, I will happily sell you miles of every flooring out there, and in the event of a failure I'll give you free glue. Mmmm hm yea I can make those numbers work every day.
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