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A most unfortunate flooring failure!
11-26-2012, 02:40 PM (This post was last modified: 11-26-2012 02:49 PM by rapidrhrep.)
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RE: A most unfortunate flooring failure!
(11-19-2012 01:58 PM)eaadams Wrote:  No don't waste time marketing to subs. It has to be in the specs. That is the marketing mistake Wagner makes.

EA EA EA, there arent many times I have to disagree with you, but my question is this, "how do you eat a sandwich?" response: "one bite at a time."

You could have worked the spec'd community until you were blue in the face, but if the subs don't know or don't understand, they won't do it! Look how long CaCl testings has been spec'd? How often was it not done or not done properly? Your point on INCREASED spec's (we have quite a few already) is valid, but the timing has to be correct. Keep your eyes out for the AIA webinar coming VERY soon and don't forget the things we have done on a national stage with AIA the last couple of years! "one bite at a time."


(11-19-2012 02:34 PM)CC Solutions Wrote:  After this installer gets burned, and then sees that the testing is as easy as drilling a hole and inserting a reader, he'll be sure to use RH probes every time.

At least that is what I have noticed around here. The Rapid RH is so easy and so quick, guys that install expensive flooring are very eager to use them now.

This is a GREAT point JD and it is not just around your area. I can tell you there are LARGE GC's out there that wouldn't give me the time of day 6 years ago. I planted the seed, they got bit by a failure, and now they see the light. They do some of the testing themselves and THEY push the flooring sub to do the rest. They pay millions for liability insurance; this is a VERY cheap form of that. They either understand before the failure or after, but they usually understand!

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